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The Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. (TVOC) was incorporated on June 8, 1965 as a local Community Action Agency with the expressed purpose of eliminating the causes for and effects of poverty.  With its headquarters located in Crookston, MN the corporation engaged this Mission in the service area of west Marshall, west Polk and Norman counties.

In its early years, TVOC created a Board of Directors, hired an Executive Director and a few staff members to identify the causes and effects of poverty within the identified service area.  During its infancy the corporation identified high concentrations of poverty among senior citizens, children and families, minorities and in the rural areas.  And, the corporation then developed an ongoing “outreach,” program to continue to identify needs and initiated a series of programs intended to mitigate both the causes and effects of poverty.

Over the years TVOC has initiated over 100 different programs and services focused on the needs of the poor in its communities.   Some programs remain with TVOC; others have spun off to other entities.  Some of the best known of these programs are:  Mainstream Program, Community Mental Health Program, Alcoholic Treatment Center, Head Start, Day Care, Neighborhood Youth Corps, Low Income Housing and Energy Assistance Program, Weatherization Program, Multi-County Housing Authority, Northwestern Minnesota Food Bank, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Foster Grandparent Program, Valley Housekeeping, Senior Companion Program, Child Care Resource and Referral Program and many more.  Over its many years of service to the community, TVOC has witnessed a significant decline in the rate of poverty within its service area.

Today, TVOC continues to “outreach,” the needs of citizens and communities while developing, operating and spinning-off programs and services that continue to reduce both the causes and effects of poverty.  And, in this endeavor, TVOC reaches out to communities to develop partnerships that will lead to a stronger base of support for those we serve.  This community partnership continues to drive our future development as we strive to:  Provide Opportunities to Improve the Quality of Life for People and Communities.

Tri-Valley is an Affirmative Action / Americans with Disabilities / Equal Opportunity Corporation.

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